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I'm jealous of every girl that has ever hugged Justin because in a few seconds, she held my entire world.


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Selena would have been arrested if it wasn't for Justin.


Since 2010, there are so many things Justin saved from happening to Selena. For example, he saved her with When The Sun Goes Down from flopping at a top 3 debut just like her two albums before that, previously did. He did all he can to promote her and one of those promotional stunts along with…

When are you going to post the second part of your new fanfiction HIM? I really enjoyed the first part, and you both have an unreal talent when it comes to writing! :3

HII BABY!!! ‘Him’ isn’t a fanfic it’s just short little one shot. I’m still currently writing it, but I’m trying really hard to manage my homework, sports and writing. It’s just that it’s my junior year and I have a lot in my plate rn and I also play volleyball! So I hope you understand that I wont be posting it in a while!


hahaa your funny bieber blog almost made me pee my pants btw your body is awesome better than mine and I'm soo jealious how did you get Talkis before that was on my bucket list

Im glad it made you laugh 😂 naaah im chubby 😝 oh Talkis? I havent tried that before (it was Kris 😃)!

How was your day today? Love your imagines! Peace and Blessings!😸💗💗💋💋💌

Its just starting im already late for my first class 😂😁 awww thats sweet! Have a nixe day/night! Bless you too! 😘✌🙏

ha love your story weird how he cursed at you for eating his nutella but I just made an amazing joke okay so what doesATM stand for ALL THAT MATTERS hahahaha oh man I'm a terrible joke teller your bieber blog almost made me pee my pants ahahaha love your blog love ya<3

youre funny 😂 aww thanks😘💓

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