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I'm jealous of every girl that has ever hugged Justin because in a few seconds, she held my entire world.


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Post more we miss you 😩😢

I miss y’all too. I miss writing and posting and just talking to you guys and Meg. I’m just having so much trouble balancing my junior year and all this. Just hang in there and let me figure it out. I promise I’ll start posting for you! Love you babies!! 😘





Fill this in with stuff about you

Age: 17
Where I’m from: Philippines
Where I would like to live: Anywhere in UK
Favorite food: Palabok and Chicken adobo (Its a Filipino food)
Religion: catholic
Sexual orientation: straight
Single/taken: single
Favorite book: 50 shades of Grey (atm)
Eye colour: black like my soul (jk)
Favorite movie: Enough/Dead Silence
Favorite TV show: My Mad Fat Diary & Grimm
Favorite band/singer: 1D, 5SOS, Bastille, Maroon5.. Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars
Random fact about me: I'm a girl with a "Jr" on my name and I'm an ANGLOPHILE <3
Favorite day of the year: December 28 (My birthday hehe)
Favorite colour: blue
If I have any pets; if so, their names: a puppy named Caleb.
What I’m listening to right now: Sugar by Maroon 5
Last movie I’ve watched: Annabelle
What’s my ringtone: She Looks So Perfect- 5sos
Favorite male character from a TV show: Finn (MMFD) & Nick and Monroe (Grimm)
Favorite female character from a TV show: none
What my name means: "pearl" Origin of Megan: Diminutive of Marged, Welsh variation of Margaret.
Favorite superhero: Ninja turles
Celebrity crush: Dave Franco, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Will Smith

REGRETS (Click here for a background music)

      It has been two months since you caught Justin kissing a random girl inside a club. You tried to stop him, but he ignores you. You told him you’re going to leave if he wouldn’t let go of her. But still he didn’t care. He continued kissing her as if you didn’t actually exits. As if he doesn’t know who you are. And from that moment, you ended your three year relationship with him. A day after that, he thought you were joking but you are sure as hell wanted him out of your life. Few days passed, and he just won’t stop trying to win you back. He’d always message you.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I was drunk and being stupid. I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. Please Y/N. Please forgive me. I miss you.”

It was your turn to act like you didn’t care. You still love him but you wanted him to feel how badly hurt you are. You wanted to date him again, but you kept thinking it’s probably best to just start moving on. One night, when you decided to just go to sleep and forget about him, your phone started ringing.

“Hello Chaz? Hey what’s up?”

“Y/N can you get to my place?”

“I’m not sure. It’s pretty late. Why would-”

“It’s Justin. Please just come over. He’s been acting weird today. And he’s inside the bathroom. I’m worried cause he won’t speak to me. Not even to his mum.”

“Okay, I’ll be there as quick as I can.” You got into your car and rushed to Chaz’s flat.

“Oh God, thank you so much for coming! He’s still inside.”

You rushed to the bathroom and tried opening the door but it wouldn’t. So you knocked and said, “Justin? Hey, it’s me. Y/N. Justin, open the door. Please.”

No response.

You kept knocking, “Justin, please open the door. You want to talk? Okay let’s talk.”

“He wanted me to give this to you before he went inside the bathroom.” Chaz handed you a piece of paper and you quickly snatch it out of his hand. It says:

Y/N,  I know I  don’t deserve any of your love. I don’t deserve your forgiveness. But I just want to let you know for the last time that I am deeply sorry for hurting you. Getting drunk was never an excuse to kiss another girl. I was stupid. I made a big mistake. I guess this is it. I’m sorry. You’re probably not gonna believe me after what you saw that night, but it was always you. You will always be that girl that I will love unconditionally until my last breath. And I’m sorry I fucked up. Goodbye.


A loud crash brought you back and saw that Chaz had turned down the door. You jolted inside and saw Justin, lying there next to the tub.. lifeless.


Justin Bieber as a Disney character

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hi love your imagines btw WHERE'D YOU GET THAT BASKETBALL VIDEO ABOUT HIM TRIPPING ! whoo lol sorry

thank you! Oh, I just randomly found it here on tumblr XD

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You’re really talented!! Woowww!! x

You know what I miss? I miss posting on this blog and having enough free time to relax :(

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