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so… i deleted my wattpad account. but i created a new one. Please follow me!! NEW WATTPAD: ohwowitsmegan :) im going to post my new bieber fanfic this saturday!!! so if you want to get updates from me, then follow me! haha thanks! xx

posted 3 days ago
posted 3 days ago
Anonymous asked:
it's ok I under stand ((: but any other good imagine blogs that u suggest ((:


Sorry I took forever to reply back to this but here’s a list of a bunch of imagines blogs i like :P enjoy

There’s probably a few more but i can’t remember them all but yeah :P 

hope this helped c:

and dont forget, and!! :D thanks BTW bae ;)

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Anonymous asked:
Wow so now selena can't even be friends with the people she likes. So what if she's friends with the jenner sisters. I can feel the jealousy coming right off of you so you can go back with the rest of your fatass friends and hate on people that are better than you smh

I didn’t even talk about her recent friendship with the jenners lol girl r u on crack? x